Everyday Brasil is part of the photography project: "Everyday Projects" and it has begun in Africa (Everyday Africa) in 2012 in order to deconstruct clichés that are generally attributed to the continent. Since then, the project has gained importance and visibility, and today has countless similar Instagram profiles, created by photographers around the planet. The main objective is to show the daily life of these places far from stereotypes, through good images and stories.


Everyday Brasil aims to offer an authentic vision of our society through photography, expanding knowledge about our culture, places, people, situations and important events.


Currently, the project has about 34,000 followers on its Instagram page and has a fixed team of photographers and collaborating photographers in all regions of Brazil. The founder and curator of the project in Brazil is the photographer Ivana Debértolis. Nowadays, who is in charge of carrying out the project are: Ivana and Livia Bitetti.




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