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Photographer Leonardo Milano followed the routine of the residents of the reserve, which is a model of sustainable development in the Amazon.

Photos and text by Leonardo Milano

It's 5:30 in the morning on a Friday. Residents of the Cazumbá-Iracema Extractive Reserve, located in the municipality of Sena Madureira, in the state of Acre, are preparing to spend 4 days by the Igarapé Maloca and Rio Cateté.

They set off for a fishing trip that is a mix of subsistence and fun; it's the leisure time they use to interact, strengthen their traditions and exorcise their pain. In an isolated place, men, women and children celebrate the privilege of living in communion with nature. There is no lack of food or water. Life is simple, and community members value the art of talking. They always have something to talk about: stories of trees, jaguars, alligators, snakes and fishing are the expression of traditional knowledge, and how it is possible to live well with the standing forest.

At the end of the fishery, the fish is divided among the entire community.

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